WRITTEN FOR A NEW GENERATION of adult and young adult fans, Bedtime Horrors is a unique collection of stories, served with a twist and delivered in exactly one page.


From mindless zombies to insidious vaporghouls, each tale fiendishly drags the reader, kicking and screaming, into its dark, decaying world.


Perfect for the short attention span, each work is exactly 1000 words* in length – easily readable in the time it takes to watch a YouTube video. And because ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ every story is graced with chillingly illustrated artwork.


Crafted for maximum potency, Bedtime Horrors is a smart and quirky update to the horror genre. The collection is a daily dose of horror, the reason to go to sleep with one eye open and almost worth dying for.


* Based on Microsoft Word methodology for word count.

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